Off a Diving Board

Pencil test #2!

Often as I go through life and am about to do some action such as riding a bike, juping on a trampoline, or going off a diving board, my mind flashes to me the worse possible thing that could happen. Does this happen to anyone else? or is it just my over active imagination. It usually doesn’t scare me, but on the contrary makes me laugh.

I had so much fun with this pencil test, I think I may take it a step further and clean it up. (we’ll see if I make it to the coloring stage).


Traditional Animation

I’ve been wanting to do some more traditional animation for a while now and have finally set myself up to do it. So here is a pencil test I did to get the ball rolling.

I’ve got a ways to go before I would actually call my self good at this stuff(long ways), but it’s a start.


Sketch Book

Tah Dah (<-so much easier than writing a description for everything I post, and it really says it all :)


well maybe just a breif one here: I did this one at a Rockies game after I got board of watching the game, which didn’t take long… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against baseball, I just think it would be better if there were only three
innings :)



Sub Surface Scattering

So I’ve been keeping myself busy artistically lately by building a new cg character. I’m a little over halfway through the modeling process. Tonight after a couple hours of pushing and pulling polygons, I decided to take a break by playing around with some shader ideas. Here is a test to see what I could get out of a sub surface scattering shader.


Yeah the back scatter (the effect of light showing through) is bit too much and makes him look waxy, but I was just having too much fun :)Facebooktwitterredditpinterestmail