Setup my scanner!

I finally did it. I made my scanner more accessible. And here are a few images hot off the press (but in reverse if you think about it…?)

Hadn’t done much gesture drawing in a while, so figured it was a good time to do some last night while watching a video.

These are a couple of office doodles I did the other day while wishing I was outside.


The Perfect Dive

I finally got around to finishing it! I ended up taking this animation further than I intended when I first started it, but that is largely because I was learning the new software and wanted to test it out in each stage of a 2D production. It certainly has plenty of room for improvement, but it is definitily my best 2D animation to date:

I’m glad I got this one out of the way. I originally wanted to set myself up to do 2D so I could just do a whole bunch of quick pencil tests to study motion and get better at animation in general; but having started this project, I felt that I should finished before moving on, which ended up mentally blocking me from doing any of it. So hopefully I’ll start posting some of them-there pencil tests in the near future.