Well, now that I have moved to this new domain, I figured I would re-evaluate my blogging needs. I noticed that a lot of the blogs that I frequently visit started switching to WordPress. Blogger was great in it’s simplicity, but after looking into it, WP has some more robust features that I hope to take advantage of. I’m not sure if I have to do anything to set it up, but I believe you can subscribe to this site as an RSS feed so that it will allert you when I post an update… Exiting! I know! The Switch over went smoother than I had expected, I was even able to import my posts from blogger. It appears though, that the image formatting differs, so I will have to go through latter and clean up the rest of the site. Anyway, I’ll shut my yapper on this topic that I’m pretty sure none of you care about and get on with the posting of my doodles.

These are a few that I scribbled out on some postit notes at work:







Oh, and if you haven’t come across the internet pluggin Piclens, you should go grab it at www.piclens.com . It allows you to view images in a 3D slideshow environement, and i’ve enabled it on my site… WOOO!