Little Me

Weeee, my second post! Not that anyone is really going to notice. I haven’t really told anyone about the site yet, but I figure it will be nice to build a few of these up before I start brodcasting it to the world.

Here is a quick sketch I did with my tablet today. I’ve been playing around with character designs a lot lately and figured that I would try my hand at one of them big head, large eyes, small nose goofy looken kids.


A lot of people tell me that some of my characters look like me. Most of the time I don’t see it, but this one I admit could be a young me.


3 thoughts on “Little Me”

  1. Hi James, it’s your Aunt Linda from NH. You are right, this one does look like a younger you. You are one very gifted and talented young man! You will be a major asset to any company. Love to you and the family………

  2. I have no future? You can’t even formulate a coherent sentence.

    But I suppose you are an engineer… You no need speak a the english good. no?

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