Shooting Pretty Things (with my camera)

ShootingPrettyThings_webSplashLast year, I got the itch to get back into photography. I originally fell in love with it as a hobby in my early teens, back when using a camera involved long, bad tasting strips of ribbon. My weapon of choice then was the Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1

This beautiful contraption taught me a lot about patience and how to cope with failure :)

I’m now wielding a Sony a6000, and finding that taking pictures is a much needed creative outlet for me. I love producing art, and in the past that has mostly meant sitting in front of a computer to create pretty things from scratch, but with a camera, I get to go out, explore the world and hunt down the pretty things, and shoot them! (with my camera…)

I’ll start posting  my photos here on a regular basis, but you can also checkout my photography site: to see as a whole, where they are also available for purchase :)




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