Yet Another Camera Slider. That’s what I’m calling my slider system.

Went a little overboard photoshopping this…

So I want a motorized camera slider for time lapse photography and stop motion, but I don’t see myself using it enough to justify spending $$$$! To the soldering iron!

The idea of the build started out simple enough. I had a cheapish slider to begin with, and I figured it wouldn’t be hard to slap a motor on the end to get movement in one axis.

It took some thinking on how to mount the motor with the limited real estate at the ends of the existing slider, but I realized it could be done if I made a bracket to raise the camera while allowing the timing belt to pass through. I used carbon fiber filled, polycarbonate filament for the print. Great stuff! A little weak in layer adhesion, but is super rigid and light weight.

Here’s a test video I made with just the slider portion:

I guess I’ll stop there and save the pan & tilt head for another post :)


Fabricating a Visor

I designed and fabricated a motor sports helmet visor, with strategically placed, computer vision tracking markers:

Why? To enable individuals with quadriplegia to drive an 850 horsepower NASCAR cup car.

Here’s a short video that summarizes the project:

The first prototype was just 3D printed, but as there was a need for additional, more durable visors, I proceeded to molding and casting.



Hey look, another feature film I worked on!

Moxy and Mandy were the primary characters I worked on, Though I think my favorite may have been the purple octopus :)

Note: You won’t find my name in the credits at the end of this one. It’s unfortunate, but not entirely uncommon for names to be left out of the credits for one reason or another. But you will find my name in the listing on IMDb.com


BANG! Custom Crate

Bang! A card game I was introduced to 7 years ago, and has been my favorite since.

The special deluxe edition comes in a great, but very large bullet shaped tin; so I decided to 3D print my own case for it.

Was a fun project to get more experience with my airbrush, and play around with some weathering techniques.


3D Printing

I think the thing, I draw the thing, I print the thing, I have the thing!

So I’ve gotten into 3D printing.  A technology I’ve been interested in since college. To take a digital design and print it to the real world, awesome!

I had always thought of 3D printing in terms of making knickknacks and figurines. Neato, but I couldn’t see myself doing that more than once or twice a year; hardly worth the expense and effort of owning a 3D printer. What really got me into 3D printing was my other recent hobby, custom electronics.

When I realized I could design and print custom enclosures for my electronics projects, I suddenly had a more practical reason for owning a 3D printer.

Things I’ve designed and made: