Work In Progress :)

Yup, there is work in progress on this guy :) In fact, he’s moving along pretty good now.  I’ve pretty well solidified the rig and have finished with most of his skin weighting. I was messing around with posing him to test his deformations, and thought I’d share:

I’m pretty darn happy with how clean and flexible his deformations are. I can actually corkscrew his leg 360° without any geometry tearing!


3 thoughts on “Work In Progress :)”

  1. Thanks Maulik, I appreciate the feedback. I went with a ribbon IK setup this time. I plan on showing off the setup a bit more in the reel I’ll be putting together shortly. I’ve done spline IK in the past with a rotational fall off that gave similar results. It’s debatable which I like better, I like them both, but this one is working well for me now :)

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