The Perfect Dive

I finally got around to finishing it! I ended up taking this animation further than I intended when I first started it, but that is largely because I was learning the new software and wanted to test it out in each stage of a 2D production. It certainly has plenty of room for improvement, but it is definitily my best 2D animation to date:


I’m glad I got this one out of the way. I originally wanted to set myself up to do 2D so I could just do a whole bunch of quick pencil tests to study motion and get better at animation in general; but having started this project, I felt that I should finished before moving on, which ended up mentally blocking me from doing any of it. So hopefully I’ll start posting some of them-there pencil tests in the near future.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Dive”

  1. James, This looks great. It has good weight and arcs and all that animation foundations stuff. Plus, it’s funny. Good job.

  2. Hell yea! That’s awesome to see it all colored up. The water ripples are a nice finishing touch.

  3. Woo HOO! comments! Thanks guys… motivates me to post more stuff.
    Critiques are always welcome as well; though I think I am all too aware of this animations shortcomings. That is one of the things that frustrates me about animation: as soon as I’m finished, I see all of the things wrong with it. I suppose this is a good thing though, it means I’m learning:)

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