the Three Musketeers storyboard

Hey, this is fun! I get the rewarding sense of accomplishment that goes with making a post, without producing anything new. I am actually working on a new image, but I don’t expect to have it ready to post for another couple of days.

So here you go:

(Click for larger image)

This was a storyboard of a short scene in “the Three Musketeers” that I did for my storyboarding class in college.


3 thoughts on “the Three Musketeers storyboard”

  1. This looks amazing. Do you sell these? I am looking for a story board I can use for activities with my students. Shuffle and put them in order type game.

  2. Thanks! Glad you like em. Don’t currently have anything on this site setup for sale (Thinking of adding that in the near future…) but you are welcome to print them off for educational use :)

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