ehMmmm… Marsh Mallows

Man, after making so many consecutive postings last week, I feel bad for going a few days without sticking anything up. I was sick with a cold this past week and didn’t feel like doing much after getting home from work. I did a few study sketches, but nothing really worth scanning in. Instead, I’ll post some old stuff that hasn’t really seen the light of day.

These are from an animation short idea that a friend and I had for one of our classes in school:

Though there was some initial work done towards the animation (some of which can be seen in my rigging reel) the project fizzeled out and died. I hope to one day get back to it and do the idea justice.

p.s. DON’T STEAL MY IDEA! or you will suffer a marsh mallowy DOOOOOOM!


3 thoughts on “ehMmmm… Marsh Mallows”

  1. marshmellowy doom doesn’t seem all that bad. Im stealing the idea. What I will do with it, i do not know.

  2. doesn’t seem all that bad?! That’s because it is UNIMAGINABLY HORRIBLE! Unimaginable, you can’t imagine it. Stop trying to imagine it… you can’t! it’s that bad. doom doOOM DOOoom…………….doom.

  3. I think you should still do that animation. Man that would be cool! Man… that would be cool…

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