Lions Club Poker Run

While visiting my Aunt over Thanksgiving, she kindly asked if I could design a graphic for a charity fund raiser she was involved with. Being my favorite aunt (determined by proximity at the time, I love all you others too ;) I said of course!

This is how it came out:

Poker Chip


Original Sketch

(done on my Samsung tablet)LionsClub_PokerRace

They both came out better than I could imagine. The designers at the T-shirt shop did a FANTASTIC job of adapting the design to show up well on the shirts.


Rough Animator

Found a nifty new animation app for my android tablet, Rough Animator. Did a couple rough animations to test it out:

first test


Thought it would be a fun first test, having him hold up blank cards, then finished by filling in my opinion of the app.

This next one is now my goto reaction gif for work emails :)

test two


If you are interested in using it, you should checkout this video tutorial Rough Animator 101 done by a talented guy I went to college with, Erin Humiston


How I See Things – 4

I’ve been doing these How I See Things posts to breakdown the elements of composition I find when exploring with photography. I find it fascinating how these elements lead your eye around an image, and I intentionally try to use them to my advantage when painting a picture. It’s like mind control!

I put a fair bit of thought into this painting I did for my brother a while back:


I want your eye to start at the face, so I made sure to make it the greatest point of contrast. Both in terms of value and saturation. Starting there, you’ll visually go for the ride down the path. Which I originally had receding to the horizon,  but realized I could pull it right back into the face. Soon as I did that, I noticed my eyes repeatedly went around this happy little ride of doom, and was super pleased with how visually exciting it was to look at.

Two other things I’d point out, is that I attempt to enhance the visual impact of the hill by angling all the dominant straight lines toward it, and made an effort to place the two key points of interest on the 3rds grid to keep it reasonably balanced.

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