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A Bunch of Hot Air…

This is a bit of a personal project postmortem. A little over a year ago, my brother and I made this:

The project was fueled by curiosity. VR being such a new media format (even more so back in 2015 when we made this) we had many fun ideas we wanted to explore. Artistically, I wanted to play with the sense of scale — how big could we make it feel? Primarily though, between the two of us, we wanted to see how much effort it would take to make a small game in Unity.

It only took a couple weekends to put together what is shown in the video, and though we had ideas to make it into a small game we’d release on the market, we both ended up getting busy with our actual jobs :)

This first painting is one I did several years ago that sparked the idea.

This outer space scene was the idea for our level select screen.

And just a very rough idea of another environment. Playing  with the level of detail we wanted to go for.