Here Comes Santa Claus

Well I better post this before I forget. It is an animation that I started over Christmas break, but probably won’t finish till next Christmas :) I really enjoyed doing it, but have lost interest in going further with it (for now):


2 thoughts on “Here Comes Santa Claus”

  1. Hey James,

    Great to see you doing some 2d stuff lately. I like this santa shot hahahah The ending seems to stand out the most… NOt sure what frame# it is cause it’s a flash movie ect… BUt The jiggle in his belly seems to be to fast and a little to much maybe not sure wish I could frame by fame it to put my finger on it.

    Good work Direen keep it up. Hows Life these days over at Idol Minds? When the heck are you guys gonna release that game hah :)

  2. Hey York, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I really have been enjoying the 2d goodness of animation lately. It has been a good break away from the technical stuff I do at work.
    I know what you mean by the ending being a little eye catching. Right now, things seem to click into place a bit. Everything needs to drift out a bit more and ease to a rest. As well as the arc of the flip needing a bit of work. and just a few more inbetweens throughout.
    The animations lack of polish is unfortunately a result of the lack of time, rather than not knowing what needs to be done.
    I’ll get back to it though…one day :)

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