Demo Reel 2010

Tuh Dah!

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Demo Reel Breakdown


7 thoughts on “Demo Reel 2010”

  1. Hi James,
    I just came across your demo reel/website on a forum post over at the 11secondclub. After watching your reel, I must say it is quite inspiring. You have some great work on there, and I’m not really a technical animator, but even your rigging section was interesting and entertaining. Great work all around for sure! I am an aspiring 3D animator myself, and I am currently working on putting together pieces for a new demo reel. Every so often I surf the net to see if there are any reel out there to further inspire me. I am glad I came across your reel and site. I will be sure to keep an eye or your stuff as I’m sure you will be likely to put out some more great work. If you ever get the chance, please feel free to stop by my blog at . This is where I post my recent work and my current journey towards a new reel. I would love to have some feedback from you. Anyways, just wanted to let you know what I thought, and keep about the great work!

    Take it easy,

  2. Thanks Daniel,
    Glad you like my stuff, I’ll do my best to keep cranking out good stuff too keep guys like you coming back :)

    I’ll definitely pop over to your site and have a look see.


  3. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I already told you, but that dialogue clip at the beginning is gold. I’m starting to think you’re a wunderkinds.

    I like how you made the beginning BG color the same as your blog too!

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